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9 DE MAIO 2016
18/05/2016 | Visto 1564 vÍzes

The couple Leparq, two nice customers, on the Pacemaker 40 with Tara Thompson as skipper.

The first day in Sao Pedro, 3 marlins caught

The second day, two marlins caught

On the third day, nothing, no contact

On the fourth day, in the Santo Antao area, 2 marlins caught

On the fifth day, Santo Antao again, we caught 2 marlins.

With so many fishes, the Leparq leave Cape Verde happy, they will come back next year.

6 DE MAIO 2016
07/05/2016 | Visto 1975 vÍzes

Dimeu just finished a 4 day trip fishing with Fred and Mitchell from Belgium fishing off of San Pedro bank.

The first day started out great with a wahoo caught in the shallows of the banks. Taking full advantage of the fantastic 15 knot flat calm sea, we decide to head out to draper water. We saw a blue marlin tailing on the surface and began fishing with 2 skip baits and a Pakula lure down the center. Our first bite came and we had a 250lb blue marlin, and a 130lb caught on the center line. 15 minutes later, we came on a 300 lb blue marlin that ate the pitch lure. We went inshore as wind picked up and in the afternoon we headed back off shore where we found another blue around 500 lb that came in on our skipping tuna.

The next day the wind picked up a bit so we fished closer to shore having a quiet morning, we found our blues off the Big Rock again, catching a nice 400lb blue on the 50lb pitch bait soon followed by a healthy 350lb caught on the short rigger.

The next day, sea became a bit rougher with the wind increasing and the swells, we went back to the bank and caught a 500lb blue on the Center line. An amazing four days tip with being lucky enough to catch Mitchell's dream fish, not just once but 4 times!!!!



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3 DE MAIO 2016
07/05/2016 | Visto 1796 vÍzes

Dimeu back in after a 3 day charter with some fantastic gentlemen from Sweden.

Unfortunately our first day had a fair bit of swell so we fished in shore finding at the end of the day 2 blues off of the airport. Both fished came to the teasers but the first around 200lb wouldn't switch, we did a few passes trying to raise her again and came across another around 350 lb that faded off our teasers and PILLED on our center rigger; unfortunately it spit the hooks.

Our second day had bigger swell and big winds so fishing was very slow for us. But we made up for it on our last day with flat calm seas and hardly any winds. We decided to head east thru shallow water where we caught a wahoo followed shortly by seeing a blue marlin on the surface smashing a flying fish. We took a few turns around and this aggressive little marlin around 200 lb came flying into our spread smashing our teasers. We pitched a bait to him but he was only interested in using his hooter and not into eating, we headed east again with the advantage of amazing weather and worked the edge of the drop off on the east side. We raised two marlin: the largest around 500lbs that again came in on the teaser, we pitched a bait and she destroyed it at the same time the smaller blue around 300 came in and took our long rigger. Another amazing time with our clients on Dimeu!

2 DE MAIO 2016
02/05/2016 | Visto 1709 vÍzes

Theo Daly and Rudolf Muller, with Bertram Stuart Simpson, 6 days in Santo Antao: 22 blue marlin seen for 10 caught to Pitch bait, satisfied customers, they have already booked for next year.

24 DE ABRIL 2016
30/04/2016 | Visto 1801 vÍzes
The nice team of Belgian Michel, Olivier and Emmanuel, his wife Anne, with Tara on the Pacemaker 40 '

First three days in Sao Pedro: one or two marlins seen every day, but blunt attacks, a departure but nothing to celebrate, and a lot of wind.

The fourth day: the boats remain blocked at the port because of the storm.

The fifth day: in front of Santo Antao, 3 contacts and a marlin fished (450 lbs).

The sixth day: 2 contacts and a marlin fished (300 lbs).

Customers were happy anyway, they had their first marlins, bad period with all this wind.

21 DE ABRIL 2016
30/04/2016 | Visto 1714 vÍzes
Christophe Zannol and his two friends were on Dimeu to fish one day and on Nha Cretcheu for three days.

The first day with Tara Thompson at Sao Pedro: 2 marlins seen but not caught.

The second day management Sao Nicolau with Stuart Simpson, an agitated sea, windy, customers are shaked, between the island of Raso and the island of Sao Nicolau two marlins at the same time (about 300 lbs) at a pitch and the other to lure: the customer stands in stand-up fights for 25 minutes, marlin comes to the boat, then after the second comes at 10 meters but the line breaks.

The third day in Sao Nicolau, nothing seen, no contact, fortunately it remains the JIG, 10 amberjacks are caught, not big fish, happy customers.

The fourth day, back to Sao Vicente, windy, really high seas, huge waves, arriving at Sao Vicente, a marlin in 600 lbs, when even pitch in the hope that he will not take the bait, it is not taken, it is better that way.

The fifth day, too windy the boats are in dock.

The sixth day with Stuart direction most of Sao Vicente rock, the limit of the channel of Santa Luzia, after 3 hours of train, a very large marlin comes to the boat, pitch with a cane 50 pounds, and yes we did not see that it was a "grander", in short, the client is struggling with the fish for 15 minutes in stand-up, and then the left propeller is out, impossible to make backward, the Blue Mistic approach Nha Cretcheu to rescue the fisherman with marlin, but it's over, the marlin took the line, empty reel, very disappointed customer, a great silence on the boat for at least 5 minutes, the shaft left mating, incredible.


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13 DE ABRIL 2016
30/04/2016 | Visto 1677 vÍzes

5 days of fishing with Jean François Brisson.

Day 1: São Nicolau, no fish

Day 2: we leave São Nicolau, the water is green, but very quiet, we catch one marlin on the eastern side of Sao Vicente in pitch (250 lbs).

Day 3: São Pedro, we take 2 marlins (550 lbs and 260 lbs) for 4 contacts and 2 seen. At the same time we pitch a marlin and the longest cane hangs another marlin, what to do? The reel is emptied very quickly on the cane, we take the decision to abandon the pitch, and we catch a 500 lbs after a very good fight.

4th day of fishing in São Pedro Bank, we catch marlins 2 for 4 seen, the two caught by pitch (350 lbs and 300 lbs), we see wild birds and the water is blue and calm sea.

Day 5: 1 Marlin (400 lbs) caught the pitch on 3 seen in São Pedro, beautiful sea time.

In the end, beautiful weather and lots of fish, the customer is happy. Pulsator Lures.


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12 DE ABRIL 2016
30/04/2016 | Visto 1502 vÍzes

1-1 for us today on the pitch, teased in by the Dominator by Pulsator Lures.

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